Bulk Organic Argan Oil: 100% Authentic Pure & Natural

Argan Cooperatives

Bulk Organic Argan Oil has a respectable position among many of the exporting companies of Morocco. This company mainly deals in the provision of certified 100% pure argan oil. We officially states that no artificial colors and preservatives are added to the argan oil as a measure to preserve its innate qualities and beneficial characteristics.

Team of Argan Cooperatives

This organic argan oil has many benefits especially the cosmetic benefits and culinary uses. So it is of utmost concern of the company and the basic demand of the customers to preserve its beneficial qualities. That’s why the company as team of women cooperatives who are assigned with the basic duty of ensuring a fair process of extraction of the oil from its basic natural source which is the kernel of the argan tree. This oil with its cosmetic, nutritional and medical benefits is extracted by traditional methods and it takes almost ten hours to get about a litter of oil from the seeds. Our cooperatives hire the local Berber women and they are sponsored by local authorities and also have the support of the European Union. These cooperatives serve in the following two basic regards which are in the best interest of the community there and for the company for sure:

  • They have the obligation of safeguarding the threatened forest of argan trees.
  • Useful and effectual way of improving the social status and providing an economical support to the Berber women there.

Through its sincere efforts, our company has built really good relationships with the local Berber women. These cooperatives are professional expertise. We are also supporting these cooperatives to efficiently serve the customers worldwide with fair and open trade principles.