Bulk Organic Argan Oil: 100% Authentic Pure & Natural


Now that you have reached our website of Bulk Organic Argan Oil, we would like to invite you to stay for a while so that we give you more information about the passion we have for this vegetable product which you can find ONLY in the Southern Morocco area.

100 % Fair Trade Practice

This precious oil is being extracted by many Berber women. Each one of the process is done by hand following the traditional methods that their ancestors have been using for long. It may take more than 10 hours in order to produce a liter of the Argan oil. This is why you can find some people refer to it as Liquid Gold because it has also many nutritional properties, cosmetic and medicinal benefits.

100 % Guaranteed Quality

Our Argan oil can be used for cosmetic and culinary needs and we guarantee that it's 100 % pure and at the same time natural. We do not add any preservative or any additive. Our products had been certified by Ecocert Europe & US NOP while we also provide the proof that our products had been approved and also inspected by the health authorities according to the country of origin (Morocco).